pixelated reproduced portrait of Walter Benjamin — this is my “original”

At the present time, the NFT ecosystem and creator economy are undergoing a renaissance of sorts. Neither NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or the creator economy are new topics. However, when the Venn diagram between the second generation of the creators economy (if we count Paul Saffo’s initial mapping as the first…

(Note: the following is an excerpt from Wanderer Above a Sea of FUD: Cultural workforce, crypto-anarchism, intellectual rights, and blockchain-based funding — if you wish to read the whole report, click here)

“Culture is not everything, but without culture, all is nothing” — from askhelmut instagram

Lately, the topic of the creator economy began to populate cryptotwitter and more and more creators are joining…

Part II: the one where somehow there was more mess under the already large mess, and I become an Estonian e-resident

For context on what happened, check my previous post. I’ve split this post into parts, as some people are here for the Kafkaesque shitshow and some others for the advice on Estonia.

Finanzamt Schöneberg in Berlin

It gets worse before it gets better — here’s the proof

First of all, I would like to thank a lot of people. I don’t know how else to…

Warning: TMI.

DoD in a nutshell

Every day we get emails saying how excited are people about this new ETHBerlinZwei, the concept, the experiences, the modular approach, the existing talent, the newcomers, the extravaganza, the diversity.

Doing this is an extremely rewarding experience. It is an experience that has spawned a project, and now…

Maria Paula Fernández

Blockchain and OSS fundamentals fan person and advocate. Advisor to the Board at Golem Network. Managing Director and Founder at Department of Decentralization.

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